Mission Statement


We Are Kids Emerging Upon Perseverance


Wake Up Mentoring, Inc. is a non-profit 501.(c)3 organization dedicated to assisting at-risk youth who show a strong promise to stay in school and improve their lives through higher education and extra curricular activities.


Our mission is to help socially and economically at-risk youth within Orange, Osceola, and Seminole County School Districts to become tomorrow’s leaders. Many come from single parent and/or low-income families with a history of welfare dependence. Most of first time generation high school graduates and first-generation college entrants. We match our youth with professional adult mentors who will provide them continuous guidance, leadership, and coaching.


Many youth in our community suffer from too little support, too few resources, and too much temptation. In most cases, these youth lack education and positive, successful adult role models. Their parents are often uneducated and unable to assist through obstacles.


“We are unique because we cater to at-risk youth that will be tomorrow’s leaders. We want social and economical change to progress due to lack of deviant behavior in our youth. We understand mistakes and promote transformation under any circumstances. No child should be abandoned because only a few have the patience to deal with his or her nonconforming social behaviors. Our goal is to create a worldwide movement; thus, becoming a household name.”