Real Life Coaching


Orange County

The Real Life Coaching Program is designed to provide prevention services for at-risk minority youth and intervention services for minority youth already in the juvenile justice system in select Orange County areas. The RLCP target population included minority male juveniles with a current or previous record, ages 12-17 in Orange County. The RLCP includes three phases: Phase 1 -High Intensive; Phase 2 – Low Intensive; Phase 3 -Exit Phase. Each phase is designed to gradually decrease the need for intense contact with each youth, demonstrating improved youth behavior, leading to reduced disproportionate minority contact in identified areas of Orange County.


Substance Abuse

School Attendance

Family Relationships

Anti-Social Behavior


Home Visits

School Visits

Curfew Checks

Leisure Activity

Weekly Life Skills Group

*1 Year Commitment

*3 Phases

*Targeting Youth in High Risk Zip Codes


Juvenile Assesment Center (JAC) 823 W. Central Blvd. Orlando, FL 32805 Contact: 407-770-7611