Past Events

Celebrity Flag Football Tournament

April 2010 – This weekend I participated in a flag football tournament with some of my good friends like Maurice Price, Chris Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Brandon Meriweather and Mike Sims. We had a blast!

Iowa Trip-Graceland University College Tour

March 26, 2010 – I drove a small group of high school boys to my alma mater, Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa. The experience was absolutely great. The van ride through multiple states alone was an experience, because for some of the boys, it was the first time they have been out of the state of Florida! As we reached Iowa, and came upon the city of Lamoni, the boys were amazed to see how prevalent the Amish community is there. The boys were able to explore the campus and get a glimpse of college life. I introduced them to the athlete department heads to allow them the opportunity to ask questions about college sports. The trip was a success and I thank those individuals at Graceland University that contributed to the success of the trip!

Meeting With Young Girls at the Juvenile Detention Center

March 2010 – I met with a group of girls at a local Juvenile Detention Center. This was something. I could not believe how many young girls are locked up, for whatever reason! It breaks my heart that young people in general fall into the system and many stay in the system for life. Just listening to the girls I was able to detect that many of them deal with self-esteem issues and many expressed to me some other issues that plague them. I spoke to the young ladies( by age) with words of encouragement, I hope that I was able to leave with them something that will change their mentality and make them want to succeed in life, because it is not too late!

Church Recognition

February 2010 – During Black History celebration at church, I was surprisingly honored by a young boy. As many kids give homage to famous, well known individuals who have conquered some great feat, it is rare that many recognize the hard working, day-to-day individuals who too are paving the way for others to have an abundance of life. As I sat in the pew, I listened to a young boy say,” I am tall, handsome, a college graduate, a father, a mentor to many, I am Dante Johnson.” I was shocked that I was recognized. I was in amazement to know that I have made such an impact on someone’s life so much that they took the time to acknowledge me! This brings a new meaning to Black History; it is not always about what has happened, but equally about what is happening right before our eyes.