Dante Johnson

As founder of Wake-Up Mentoring Inc. I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida and have developed a strong passion for helping kids. I believe that kids have what it takes to be successful, but often lack the guidance necessary to find their path, and to stay on the right path.

I struggled in middle school and high school. I was blessed with the opportunity to further my education beyond high school and was accepted at Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa. I received a football and track scholarship, which helped partially fund my education. Throughout my four years of college, I won ‘All Conference’ honors in football and a national qualifier in track. Sports were important, but so were academics. I double-majored in Criminal Justice and Recreation.

I also began mentoring young men from my neighborhood, back home in Florida. I helped several young men through the process of getting into college. I stressed to them the importance of their high school academic performance. I helped more than 10 students from my neighborhood to get into Graceland, and 7 others to get into other universities.

Upon graduation I pursued my professional football dreams. In March of 06 I signed with Bossier-Shrevport Battlewings of the Arena II football league. There, I encountered a neck injury that ended my season early. After that injury, I contemplated my life and became determined to use my educational training, and the blessing I have received along the way,to give back to society. That is how Wake-Up was started.

Wake-Up is here to help find and develop the potential of every child. Every child matters! I want to make sure your child has every possible option.